We get people paid—faster

Pleney gets the creative economy paid faster and hassle-free—no waiting, no chasing, no reminders or missing payments.

Working behind the scenes, Pleney gives freelancers and contractors full control over their money. Meanwhile, marketplaces gain a key competitive advantage: offering payments on-demand.

User submits an invoice

Freelancers, contractors, gig workers—any user on a platform powered with Pleney can simply submit an invoice to their client through the marketplace, just like normal. Pleney handles the rest.

Client approves the amount

The client reviews the terms and amount of the invoice before signing off. But the freelancer doesn’t have to wait for the client to process the payment—Pleney does it immediately.

Pleney deposits the money

Contractors get immediate access to their funds, while their client can take the standard amount of time to process the payment internally. Pleney handles the transaction and nobody pays an extra fee.

Scalable. Secure. Simple.

Through its trusted network of financial partners, Pleney ensures a simple, scalable, bank-grade service that can easily advance billions of dollars for invoices.

Platforms and their users enjoy peace of mind, as their data is encrypted and stored behind robust security measures.

Intuitive Integration

Pleney’s API embeds smoothly into any marketplace or company platform. Deployed on IBM Financial Cloud, Pleney’s technology stack consists of proven third-party components, including Kafka messaging, Vertx framework and Kubernetes containers. Pleney’s design ensures bank-grade security that complies fully with all required regulations.

We get people paid — faster

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